Learning A New Language On A Computer

If you’re interested in learning a new language, then you might be pleased to find that one of the best ways to do so is to use computer software.  I still think that enrolling in a class is a great way to go, but not everyone has that option or the time to do it.  In that case, using software is the absolute best way to go as it assists you in learning the language rather than having to rely on yourself constantly.  It goes above and beyond the older “learn by tape” method that was so popular about 10 years ago.  And now with smartphones its easier than ever to really take it on the go with you and immerse yourself as much as possible.

There are a multitude of different software programs out there.  However there are a few that have floated to the top in popularity – and for good reason.

One of my top software choices is the Rocket Languages software.  They have many languages available, and it’s pretty affordable compared to many comparable software suites.  Many people who’ve used it really like it, including myself.  It’s different than the popular Rosetta Stone software programs in that it takes a more adult-level learning technique.  The thing about Rosetta Stone is that yes, it does mimic the way languages are “naturally” learned, but the fact is that we are adults, and we learn things differently than babies and infants.  The Rocket Language series is much more traditional, but the varied techniques they use manage to mix it up enough to make it quite worthwhile.

I also like that you can take it on the go with you.  You can load it up on your iPad or iPhone, or simply use it on your home PC.  Even PCMagazine has really liked the software, giving it a very high rating.

I personally used the Rocket Spanish software in order to brush up on my Spanish before I took a trip to Mexico.  It was helpful.  I had learned Spanish to a fairly good level in college, but of course if I don’t use stuff like that I forget it.  So I was able to really brush up – using the app in my car and when I had some down time.

I suggest doing some research on the different programs out there.  I personally found Rosetta Stone to be frustrating and not good for my learning style.  Rocket Spanish got me there faster.

Tips On Speeding Up A Slow Computer

If you’re not that happy with the performance of your computer, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use in order to get it running like new again.  Your computer is very complex and requires many different things to work in concert with one another in order to perform at peak capacity.  However as you add more parts and programs and change settings, things can get a little wonky.  It’s like that with all computers – you might notice that your smartphone will get slow or lag over time as you add more photos, videos, apps, and more.

First of all, one of the best and fastest ways to tangibly improve the performance of your computer is to add more RAM.  RAM stands for “random access memory” and it’s the key component of how much your computer can do at once.  When you open a program, that software is loaded into “memory” and that’s where your computer runs it from.  The more memory you have, the more your computer can do at once without having to resort to virtual memory, which is on the hard drive.  RAM is different from your hard drive.  Getting  a new hard drive could help, but it’s a more complex process and it won’t have as great an effect as more RAM will.  If you want to upgrade your RAM, go to a website such as Crucial and use their free memory diagnostic service to see just what type of RAM your particular computer will accept.  You can then easily order it online.  Don’t worry, installing RAM is usually fairly simple, and the company should provide you with an easy to follow instruction list.

Another great thing that you can do for your computer is to clean it out.  Over time it will get cluttered with lots of different software programs, downloads, photos, videos, malware and adware, and more.  This is inevitable, and folks that like to tinker and play with downloads will tend to have more problems with this kind of clutter than computer experts who keep their machines lean.  There are a few great software programs out there on the market that  can help you to quickly and easily clear your computer of lots of the clutter – and also help you to completely remove any mean malware that may have crept onto your computer without your permission.   Malware and adware are the biggest hogs of computer performance.  You can use software such as Spyhunter 4 or RegCure Pro to really sweep your computer of all the junk.

Another good thing that you’ll want to do after you clean up your PC is to ensure that all of your data is backed up.  This is something that’s kind of annoying, but if you get an automated online backup system such as Backblaze or MyPCBackup it’s rather easy and it does it automatically.